Dr Marlize Lerm provides a supportive space in which she treats a vast array of gynaecological conditions.  No condition or question is off limits, ranging from giving contraceptive advice to dealing with women suffering from heavy or painful menstrual bleeding to dealing with polycystic ovarian syndrome or menopause.

Pregnancy should be a happy time in every mother’s life and Dr Lerm aims to assist in achieving a healthy outcome for mom and baby, during and after pregnancy.

She understands that the birthing plan of every mother to be is unique. She strives for a natural birth from the outset, providing there is no harm to mom or baby in pursuing vaginal delivery.

She has a keen interest in maternal mental health and believes screening for disorders forms an integrative part of obstetric care. With her skilled technique and only the most advanced technology, she performs diagnostic procedures in order to source the best possible treatment and management of complex gynaecological and obstetric conditions.