Vaginal Deliveries

During your antenatal visits, you will have a chance to discuss your birth and delivery plan with Dr Lerm. She aims to provide mothers with choices regarding their birth plan and delivery in a way that is not only medically safe, but beneficial for both mom and baby. While Dr Lerm is pro natural birth she understands that in some circumstances delivery by caesarean section is safer for mom and baby. Birth is a rewarding experience for both mom and baby, and Dr Lerm will aid you in preparing for birth and will address any pain concerns you may have. Be it natural vaginal birth, with limited medical intervention, or whether you are considering pain-relieving medications, with her support and guidance Dr Lerm will ensure your delivery plan is best suited for you, and that you feel comfortable and confident in your choices. During your antenatal visits, she will also discuss your delivery or birth plan and answer all your labour and delivery related question.