Dating, viability and growth ultrasounds

During your antenatal visits with Dr Lerm, she will be able to get to know you and your little one better with the help of regular ultrasounds. Ultrasounds can be done at any stage of pregnancy to check that you have a healthy pregnancy. Determining your baby's age and due date, whether you can expect twins or triplets and assessing the overall growth of your baby, will be the goals of these ultrasounds. Viability ultrasounds will determine if your baby is growing as should be, and to confirm the location of your baby in the uterus. Dating ultrasounds, on the other hand, can help in deciphering when your little one is arriving and what may be expected from him or her in terms of growth. Growth can be assessed in terms of the size of the baby's head, abdomen and the length of the thigh bone. These measurements should help Dr Lerm determine an estimate of foetal weight (EFW) and whether there is anything one needs to be concerned about.