Antenatal Visits

Once you have confirmed with Dr Marlize Lerm that you are indeed pregnant, she will provide you and your little one with prenatal care. Antenatal care assessments are aimed at creating a healthy and positive experience of pregnancy for moms as well as reducing risks, and ultimately providing moms with support and guidance throughout the next 9 months. Dr Lerm is passionate about providing her patients with extensive antenatal care that supports the pregnancy, prepares for motherhood and ensures a safe and healthy natural delivery. She prioritises creating a happy, healthy pregnancy with a special interest in maternal mental health and aims to alleviate the experiences of morning sickness, fatigue, weight gain and anxiety. During the next 9 months, she will screen your baby for any possible conditions or abnormalities at each stage of development. Throughout your pregnancy, she will do ultrasound scans, evaluate your overall health and offer guidance in terms of the development of your baby and what to expect during each trimester.