Routine Gynaecology Appointments

A woman's health changes throughout the various stages of life, therefore scheduling regular gynaecology appointments every year is essential for general woman's health. During your routine gynaecology consultation, you will be asked questions about your gynaecological health, history and family genetics. Dr Lerm will perform a breast screening, a pelvic exam and pap smear (otherwise known as liquid-based cytology) to identify subtle signs of diseases or screen for conditions such as cervical, ovarian and endometrial cancer, in which Dr Lerm has special expertise.

If anything is found to be of concern, she will be able to advise you on treatment options and how to manage specific conditions. These appointments are also for women to ask questions and seek treatment for gynaecological issues they may be facing. Depending on your concerns, further diagnostic procedures such as an STD (Sexual Transmitted Disease)test or a colposcopy for the treatment of abnormal pap smears may be done.

Besides checking your general gynaecological health, gynaecological appointments may be aimed at the specific life stage you are in, be it sexual intercourse related queries, menstrual issues, contraception counselling, family planning or menopausal care, Dr Lerm welcomes women of all ages.