Adolescent gynaecology

While many young women aren't yet comfortable with their bodies, Dr Marlize Lerm has compassion when dealing with younger women who are new to womanhood and not yet confident in their sexuality. Be it answering questions about sex, making sure your daughter's menstrual cycle is normal or empowering her to take control of her reproductive health with contraception, Dr Lerm aims to create a non-judgemental and safe space for young women at her practice.

These gynaecology consultations are aimed at educating young women on the female anatomy and offering advice on what is normal and what is not, since many women go on to experience issues with their menstrual cycle and reproductive health without knowing something may be wrong. In addition to making sure your daughter's menstrual cycle is as it should be, Dr Lerm will be able to advise young patients on sexual health and what contraceptive methods may be best suited for each lifestyle.